About Certes.lv

Certes.lv is a company developing, providing and maintaining audiovisual solutions which keeps it eyes on technological developments and innovation and integrates them into specific projects to provide customers with the best sound, lighting, video and interactive technologies.

Why choose us?

We believe that modern technology solutions improve and facilitate people’s work and daily life. Therefore, we want to inform about the benefits of these technologies, train to use them, and provide help and advice when necessary. We are unique in offering a full range of services: research, consulting, planning and design, implementation of a ready-made solution, aftersales support and service.


We are fascinated by the audiovisual technology world and are interested in the work we are doing. Honesty, responsiveness, respect and loyalty to customers, colleagues and society as a whole are our core values, which also find their reflection in our work.


Create a high-quality audiovisual service, technology and solution platform that provides excellent experience for the user.

Our team

Certes.lv is a team of friendly, knowledgeable and responsive people. In order to be able to offer our customers the best audiovisual solutions, we inspire each other to achieve great goals and to continuously develop our business.


Our values

Reliability. You can rely on us.

Efficiency. We boost productivity.

Innovation. The brands we represent are the best in the industry.

Respect and friendliness. We care about relationships with customers, partners, colleagues.

Lauris Stafeckis

Member of the Board / CEO

Lauris Stafeckis

Lauris is one of the company’s executives and founders. Lauris is interested to create such a platform for the audiovisual sector and Certes.lv that provides high-quality audiovisual services and solutions. To give our customers Western-class positive experience at a new level, a friendly and respectful relationship with the customer is the cornerstone of everything.

Agnis Kalniņš

Member of the Board / COO

Agnis Kalniņš

Agnis is one of the company’s executives and founders. Agnis takes care that the attitude to the customer is deep, forward-looking, personalised and empathic. Taking responsibility for our customers, our work, and offering solutions to problems is at the heart of everything. Agnis takes care not only of the well-being of customers, but also of the internal environment at Certes.lv – for the company to be a place where he would like to work himself.

Roberts large

Roberts Engers

Head of the Sales Division

Roberts Engers

Roberts, as Head of the Sales Division, knows that communication is the most important part of everyday work. It is important for Roberts to understand the solution that is best suited for the customer down to rock bottom and to find creative ideas for a high-quality and timely solution.

Oskars Large

Oskars Pundurs

Product manager

Oskars Pundurs

Oscars is responsible for work with partners. Oscars is the fireworks in the team of Certes.lv. Oscars energy shows its best, when he does his work well and even better, thereby gaining added value – a happy cooperation partner. Oscars is inspired by the ambition of this colleagues and the ideology of Certes.lv – to leave something lasting behind – a valuable legacy of knowledge.

Janis Virsis

Technical manager

Janis Virsis