Certes.lv team – supports each other and helps others

A strong and unifying driving force is needed for a company to be able to successfully work with customers and partners and offer them the best solutions. It is the united team of Certes.lv employees that is this strong driving force. Working together and pursuing the set goal, the company offers convincing and high-quality services and technology solutions.

As many of our friends have noticed, throughout November Certes.lv men became properly moustached. Following the Movember campaign traditions, a donation was made at the end of November in support of the project “Stiprini stipros” (“Strengthen the Strong”) organized by Ziedot.lv and Delfi.lv. The aim of the project is to support families with children in long-term care. Illnesses and injuries, congenital and acquired, – conditions restricting physical and mental freedom vary and can affect people of any age. When this happens to a child, his / her family also instantly enters a foreign world, giving up their usual activities, interests and priorities, facing fatigue and fighting for their special child’s place in our ordinary world.

At the end of November, we organized a photo session to capture the results and memorialize fun stories and events that happened throughout the month. Take a look at our photo report, which was made in cooperation with photographer Mārtiņš Plūme.

Let us support each other and especially those who need it the most, so that each of us can continue to enjoy both big and small achievements!

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

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