How does an interactive monitor help keep social distance at school?

Essential recommendations for schools during an epidemic are to disinfect hands frequently and to maintain social distance. How can this be done in a multi-departmental school, often overcrowded, where the rooms can only hold a certain number of desks and it is not possible to have the students sit at the recommended intervals? Frequently, the answer is group division and learning in turns. But there is another way.

Teaching in the traditional model

At many institutions, teachers use Newline interactive monitors in their work. Traditional model teaching is natural and intuitive. It is just like using a traditional blackboard. You can write and erase text on the monitor, but you can also zoom in and out with two fingers and move images just like on your smartphone. This means that the interactive monitor recognizes Windows gestures. This is an essential function that should be expected from this type of equipment. It is primarily that function that makes using the monitor simple and natural without the need for long training. However, these are not all the possibilities available to teachers using an interactive monitor. This device helps you create engaging activities – use the Internet, open maps, videos and photos that help you discuss a given topic.

Remote teaching

When remote teaching becomes necessary, the teacher using the Newline interactive monitor does not change anything in their work. They are not meeting with their students in traditional conditions, but in digital conditions, working exactly the same way as before. They conduct classes, make plans and require the same level of engagement as in the traditional model. Thanks to the camera in the monitor, the students can see the teacher, and thanks to the capabilities of the video-conferencing system they can see what is written on the monitor screen. The teacher writes and presents the content comfortably and in a familiar way. At the end, they send out a summary of the class. Everyone can take an active part in the lesson and nobody has to copy anything.

Students staying at home connect with the teacher using video-conferencing systems (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Google Meets or Zoom). This is made possible by the Internet-connected Newline MIRA interactive monitor equipped with a camera and microphones. The teacher works in exactly the same way as in the traditional model, and conducts the class for all students.

Newline monitors are suitable for traditional, as well as for hybrid and remote teaching. They make teachers’ work easier.

Newline MIRA interactive monitor

The Newline MIRA monitor is a complete video-conferencing unit. It comes with a bottom 1080p camera, four microphones delivering sound in very good quality with noise and echo reduction and two 15W speakers.

Writing, erasing with the palm of your hand, zooming in and out to adjust the size and movement of the content – just like on a smartphone – works naturally and intuitively. This guarantees efficient work with Microsoft Office.

The unique Optical Bonding technology used in Newline monitors means that the image is perfectly visible from anywhere in the room.

The monitor has an active blue light filter built into the panel. This means protection already applied at the hardware level, not just in the form of software. This is important information for all users, because excessive exposure to blue light causes vision problems. In addition, this eye protection solution does not compromise quality of the images or colours displayed. Each Newline MIRA monitor can be additionally equipped with an OPS computer and a Soundbar with a 4k camera.

Newline offers several lines of interactive touch-screen monitors – RS+, NAOS, ATLAS and MIRA. The latter two can be further enhanced with a Soundbar with a 4K camera. Newline also offers its own software packages to support cooperation – Newline CAST, BROADCAST, DISPLAY MANAGEMENT and LAUNCH CONTROL. 

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