Learning can be exciting and inspiring with mozaBook

We are pleased to inform you about our new partner MOZAIK education and their unique product mozaBook!

mozaBook is an educational software that makes lessons fun and unique. With mozaBook, the teacher can focus on the result to be achieved and the program will provide various options how to achieve it.

Preparing lessons with mozaBook tools is simple and interesting because they are diverse and can be integrated into a wide variety of topics. mozaBook repository contains more than 1000 3D learning materials, video files, a huge database of information, and the ability to conduct various virtual experiments (physics, chemistry, mechanics, etc.).

The program offers a variety of templates to prepare for virtual tests and assignments, and generates and creates an unlimited amount of tests itself.

mozaBook tools are designed to allow children to learn through visualization and audio, as well as develop creative, logical, analytical and spatial thinking.

Through mozaBook games, kids can learn complex and serious things in an easy and fun way. The possibilities of mozaBook are endless, allowing the teacher to constantly experiment and find the most effective solutions, as well as to develop their skills and abilities.

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Learning can be exciting and inspiring!

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