Meet Flex – a new interactive solution to transform the workspace

Newline, worldwide leading company in interactive solutions, launches an all-new solution for home office, the corporate workspace and education. Blended learning that will revolutionize the way we work today. Meet Flex!

Flex has been carefully developed to boost the productivity of professionals, teachers and students. It offers a high-quality touch, writing and video conferencing experience. This versatile 27” touch monitor is especially designed for desktop collaboration and works just as intuitively as your personal device. Whether you work in an office, classroom of from home Newline Flex can revolutionize the way you work.

Flex enables you to communicate and collaborate in the digital workspace in a natural way. Simply plug in your laptop and instantly upgrade to a world-class touch, writing and videoconferencing experience. This desktop appliance will eliminate desk clutter from cables and peripheral devices and streamline interactive collaboration in the small office, home office, and school settings.

As with all Newline products, the Newline FLEX will be non-proprietary, working with all UC software clients and is easily customizable.

“As the name suggests, Newline FLEX is a unique solution with flexible features and can be flexible enough to fit any market. Flex was purposely designed to meet the needs of the ever-changing work environment during the pandemic we are all still living through,” said Chris Bradford, President and Co-Founder of Newline Interactive.

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

If you don’t find in our offer the solution or products you need, apply for an individual consultation.