Meet Flex – a new interactive solution to transform the workspace
Flex enables you to communicate and collaborate in the digital workspace in a natural way. It offers a high-quality touch, writing and video conferencing experience.
How does an interactive monitor help keep social distance at school?
Essential recommendations for schools during an epidemic are to disinfect hands frequently and to maintain social distance. Newline displays are great solution during this period.
Enjoy your favorite movies and video anywhere you want with Qumi series projector
The Qumi series are thin and lightweight projectors that fits in any briefcase or backpack. Just take your Qumi with you and share ideas.
Are you ready to discover what your favourite songs or movie special effects should actually sound like? and "Acoustic Power Lab" have succeeded in developing an outstanding series of devices combined in the newly created brand “Klear”. This autumn you will be able to hear music, sound effects, etc. in the same quality as if they were recorded in a recording studio.
Why can a touch screen help education now more than ever?
We are going through very uncertain times lately and we do not know what is going to happen in the short, mid or long term. What we can be sure about is that our lives, and subsequently, education, has changed forever.
New and budget-friendly Vivitek projectors for education
Both new models support 4K video, ensuring image clarity and crispness for all viewers wherever they’re seated in the classroom.
Take care of safety by selecting high quality, certified video surveillance solutions
VIVOTEK is with more than 20 years experience. They are constantly evaluating and enhancing their cybersecurity efforts in order to provide valued customers with the highest quality and most reliable products.
Powering your Meeting Room and Classroom with Newline and Zoom
We would like to share how Newline and Zoom can help you shape your workday according to the new normal.

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

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