Optical bonding, a secret recipe of Newline’s interactive displays!

All Newline interactive displays designed for corporate use have optical bonding technology. This makes Newline corporate product ranges unique and of the highest available quality in the market. Discover which Newline interactive display best suits your workplace!

Traditionally, interactive displays have an air gap between the LCD panel and the glass of the display. This air gap has many disadvantages. Therefore bonding solutions are becoming more popular. There are many ways to bond LCD panels or touch sensors to cover glass. Air bonding, zero gap, direct bonding, optical bonding.

Air bonding or bonding with an adhesive makes a huge difference. The used technology and type of adhesive ultimately determine the level of advantage. Newline’s method of bonding results in the maximum possible advantage of bonding.

  • Most accurate and fluent touch experience
  • Crystal clear image quality
  • Maximum viewing angle
  • Protected against dust and moisture
  • Super safe glass, shock absorbing, extra durable
  • Ultra lightweight.

The secret recipe of adhesive has made bonding Newline’s signature. Curious? Experience the difference yourself!

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

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