Audiovisual solutions in the VEF quarter chamber hall

The VEF quarter chamber hall is a modern, multifunctional, open environment for concerts, creative events, performances, exhibitions, movie nights, conferences, presentations, shows and social gatherings. In order to organise qualitative events, the room should be equipped with professional technologies corresponding to the specifics of the room, they should be connected and appropriate signals should be transmitted.

The chamber hall has a large venue projector with a wide zoom lens to organise presentations, movie nights, conferences or other activities during events. Wires were installed and reinstalled in the entire conference hall. A signal splitter was installed to ensure qualitative sound and information. The signal splitter records in one channel, for example, the music played by a band, and then splits it into two or more channels. Such a solution makes it possible to control sound, improve it and enjoy qualitative sound during any event. The hall has three connection places – 2 in front of the stage (HDMI and VGA) and one at the back of the hall (HDMI and VGA).

Solutions we have introduced:

  • Projection solutions;
  • Signal transmission solutions;
  • IT solutions.

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