Full equipment of classrooms in the International School of Latvia

One of the principles of the operation of the International School of Latvia is that a happy pupil is a successful pupil. Therefore the main condition for creation of the learning process in this school was equipment of classrooms with interactive boards and whiteboards. This equipment is used not only during classes, but also for enriching extracurricular activities when playing different games, performing tasks, etc. The aim of our project was to equip classrooms with basic ICT (information and communication technology) equipment so that teachers can focus on performing their daily duties and children can learn in a modernised environment.

An interactive whiteboard was installed in each school classroom, allowing teachers to present the material to be learned in a more interesting, accurate and contemporary way. Interactive whiteboards are a tool for attracting pupils’ attention, promoting communication and willingness to engage more in the learning process. In addition to the new interactive whiteboards, existing projectors in 10 classrooms were replaced with ultra short throw projectors. New projectors are user-friendly, because the projectors are mounted at the top, close to the whiteboard protecting the presenter from projection beams getting into their eyes.

School management periodically invites us, Certes.lv, to inspect the condition of the installed and delivered equipment. Thus, we are able to rectify technical defects occurring in the course of use, prevent them from reoccurring, put the equipment in order so that it serves in the same way as on its first day of operation. The school management is informed about the condition of the equipment allowing them to make plans for the future. Such practices ensure that equipment is always available to their users, and we are also pleased that we can ensure the best performance of the technologies we have supplied.

Solutions we have introduced:

  • Short throw projection solutions;
  • Interactive solutions – interactive whiteboards.

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