Equipping SIA “Inchcape Motors Latvia” conference room

Meetings, video conferences and other discussions are an integral part of everyday business. A development-oriented company must provide all necessary resources for it. SIA “Inchcape Motors Latvia” is a positive example on how to equip a conference room and provide the best tools to its employees, so that their meetings with colleagues, partners or customers would go smoothly and effectively. “Inchcape Motors Latvia”’s core business is the sale of cars and other light vehicles, offering its customers car brands like ALPINA, BMW, MINI, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER, MAZDA, and FORD. The company’s employees have regular meetings, as well as video conferences, during which the company’s representatives communicate with partners.

The conference room is set up with a Newline interactive screen, a modern solution for displaying presentations. The screen can be easily connected to a computer, using HDMI cable or display application Display Note for wireless connection. The interactive display is installed on mobile floor mount. The screen can be used as a presentation tool for showing slides, playing images and videos, using an Internet browser, and presenting other information. A mirroring screen is installed on the wall at the back of the room. The LED TV duplicates what is shown on the interactive screen, which presentation slide is currently shown, etc.

Room’s interactive screen works also as a screen for video conference solution. To make full use of the solution, a camera located above the screen is installed in the room. To conduct successful conversations, microphones are placed on the table, which ensures that what is said by all the members in the room will be perceived and heard by the person on the other side of the screen. The existing video conferencing system and installed equipment provide full sound, creating high-quality and clear sound, no matter where the person is in the room. For an aesthetically appealing and more convenient solution, the table in the room is equipped with Bachmann cable connection boxes.

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