Large venue projection in the assembly hall of the Majori Secondary School

An assembly hall is one of the most important premises in schools – its audiovisual equipment is essential in ensuring its technical quality.

A projection solution corresponding to the specific nature of the assembly hall was the main objective of this project. In this project, we have developed and installed a large venue projection that is suitable for the school’s assembly hall and corresponds to the visual design of the room. We cooperated with the Majori Secondary School before, equipping classrooms with educational interactive technologies. Therefore, the continuation of our cooperation was logical – to equip the assembly hall with an appropriate high-quality large venue projection. The selected Vivitek large venue projector and the 4 m screen allow to see the projected area from the back rows. When installing the equipment, the professionalism of our technical specialists ensured minimal involvement in the visual appearance of the assembly hall, thus fulfilling the original requirement – to maintain the historical aura and graciousness of the room.

Solutions we have introduced:

  • 4 m projection with a large venue Vivitek projector in the school’s assembly hall;
  • Interactive learning process with Legamaster interactive whiteboards and Vivitek short throw projectors.

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