Multimedia equipment at the London Gates education centre

Installation of multimedia equipment is the right choice to emphasise the work of teachers and to be able to fully transfer the content being taught.

The London Gates non-formal education centre in the quiet centre of Riga allows children to learn English in as high-quality as in London without leaving Latvia. We are proud of the customer’s ability to provide children with qualitative and interesting language learning, using children’s specific curiosity, the wish to experiment and creativity.

Non-formal classes take place in the drama room, where children play theatre and which has a FullHD ultra short throw projector Vivitek DH758UST. This projector may project a very large image (from 88 inches to 110 inches), while its small distance from the wall allows children move freely, see the content on the wall and not enter into the light beams of the projector.

Projectors ensuring widescreen 3D projection are installed in classrooms, which, thanks to Vivitek’s colour technology, display a crystal-clear image, with deep black and bright rainbow colours. Vivitek Dynamic Eco Mode energy management system saves energy consumption and increases the service life of the lamp to 10000 hours.

Solutions we have introduced:

  • Health-friendly short throw projection customised for the room;
  • Voice amplification device Certes PentaClass Runa.

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

If you don’t find in our offer the solution or products you need, apply for an individual consultation.