Implementation of Interactive Environment at PEI “Čiekuriņš”

Just as adults require a comfortable and safe work environment, children also need a healthy, modern environment that encourages their development. Pre-school educational institution “Čiekuriņš”, located in Ikšķile, is a brand new kindergarten, which opened its doors on 1 September 2018. The building was constructed keeping in mind the main end users – the children, their interest in exploring the surrounding environment, active movement, development and spending of spare time. We are proud that we had the opportunity to be a part of this project, enabling children to explore the world through interactive technologies.

To improve the working environment, not only for the children, but also for the teachers, a Newline interactive screen was installed in the Deputy Executive’s office, where methodological meetings and other meetings, as well as classes for children take place. This is where different materials for colleagues and children are prepared, which can later be easily displayed on the large screen.

The group rooms are equipped with Newline interactive screens, which are used during the learning process for performing various tasks, for displaying pictures and videos, as well as for games and other activities. As the screens are used not only by the teachers, but also by the children, they are installed at the appropriate height so that the small participants can easily see everything and also use the screens, when needed. To provide good sound quality of the displayed info, WORK Neo series speakers deliver high-quality, clear sound.

In the school hall, where events and afternoon hobby classes take place, a projection solution has been implemented – the rear projection screen. This solution allows one to create backgrounds for the stage or to demonstrate videos and pictures. The screen is large enough to be seen from the farthest corner of the hall, and we are sure that the light beams generated by the projection during the events, when the small participants are performing on the stage, do not shine in their eyes, as the Vivitek projector is installed above the stage.

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