Projection Solutions at Valmiera Integrated Library

In order to encourage the creative development of the residents of Valmiera City, the City Council and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences have united their resources and created a joint library, which is accessible to all. The library itself was opened several years ago (in 2007), but the facilities and activities offered by the institution continue to develop. The Valmiera Integrated Library not only offers access to a wide range of books and a place, where one can study or spend the afternoon reading a novel or a scientific article, but also organises lectures, exhibitions and other events.

All the necessary devices and equipment must be provided for such events to be organised. We implemented projection solutions in two premises of the library. A projector and a drop-down projection screen attached to the ceiling were installed in both rooms. Between the bookshelves and the paintings, there is an area with tables and chairs in the reading room.  Here you can organise small events and presentations as needed, or simply project the required information. It is easy and quick to prepare for such situations by lowering the projection screen and turning on the projector. After the connection is made between the projector and the computer, the event can begin.

The other room, where the projection solution was implemented, is the small conference room. The projection screen can be lowered when required in this room as well. Both rooms are bright as they have glass walls, which was taken into account when selecting the most suitable projector with high-quality resolution and brightness that provides a high-quality projection image, even on sunny and bright days.

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