Projection solutions in the Jaunmokas Palace

Audiovisual technologies in the museum environment are capable of creating a memory-lasting exposition visit.

We will present what we have accomplished in one of the most beautiful castles in Latvia – the Jaunmokas Palace. We are pleased that, in their development, the palace representatives have chosen to cooperate with us, and that we have been cooperating for several years. One of the services offered by the palace is the rental of premises for various events, and the premises must therefore be technically fully equipped.  We have installed equipment in one palace hall making the room technically suitable for customer needs. We have carried out the planning work to integrate the equipment with special care, taking into account the historical status of the palace and the principles of installation to be followed to get long-term and high-quality results.

More and more museums understand the potential of audio technologies that are able to enrich the exposition and to deliver information to visitors in a more friendly way. The museum of Jaunmokas Palace has been known by the opportunities created by the technologies for a long time. A couple of years ago, we implemented a project in this museum to install Vivitek and Reflecta equipment, which still project an excellent image appreciated by hundreds of museum visitors.

We have been observing the great growth of the palace, which has resulted in its high popularity and high demand. We equipped the rooms you can seem om the pictures a few years ago, when the Jaunmokas Palace was on its way to growth, and we are, of course, in constant growth and on our way to development like everyone else. Such a desire for improvement and development is often the key to success, we, Certes, will use all our efforts to assist on this path to improvement, and we will tell what has been implemented, after our next visit to this site, when we make another record of what we have done in this beautiful place in our project section.

Solutions we have introduced:

  • Integration of visual projection in a historical environment;
  • Visual projections as a supplement to museum exposition.

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

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