Seminar room equipment SIA “Lielmuiža”

The company SIA “Lielmuiža”, more commonly known as the store “Frizieru Serviss”, has been operating in the Latvian market for more than 17 years. Company’s mission: “To provide a complete service for hairdressers and offer everything necessary for their work in one place”.

It is important for the clients of SIA “Lielmuiža” to be informed about all current events in the industry they represent, therefore the company offers various seminars for hairdressers about the latest available products, as well as current trends in haircuts and colours.

In order to be able to present presentations, images, videos or other files during the seminars, a Newline interactive display has been installed in the room, which is an aid for presenting information and attracting the attention of the audience. The display is portable so it can be easily and quickly adapted to the situation – the location of the furniture in the room, the number of people, etc. Even on a daily basis, when seminars or other events are not organised, the display is a great way of displaying advertising or other information to customers and company’s guests.

In order for the seminars to take place in a qualitative manner, the manufacturer’s WORK sound solutions were installed. The hall is equipped with audio equipment that provides clear sound throughout the room, no matter where the listener is located. The installed audio equipment provides clear sound both during the speaker’s speech and during playback.

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