Cameras for videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is one of today’s most popular solutions, particularly in the business and public sectors. When assessing needs and possibilities, technology sets or individual cameras are useful for equipping conferences. Cameras are often already built in the displays intended for presentations and videoconferencing. Individual cameras may be installed above or below the display or in any other location in the room.

One of the solutions we offer is the video conference set produced by AMX, and the camera is only part of it. The set includes JBL speakers and microphones that provide great audio sound, a camera that captures everything in the room, and a professional function such as CEC display control, USB and Bluetooth connection that provides optimised experience. The Acendo Vibe video conference solution includes a wide-angle camera capable of capturing everything in the room. Since the camera and microphones are integrated into the same device, there is no echo during the call. AMX also offers Sereno video conferencing cameras designed to support conferencing applications in huddle spaces and smaller meeting rooms. Sereno provides HD quality video with 120 degree field of vision and outstanding voice capture to deliver exceptional conferences.

Our partner Extron offers a quick, simple and convenient solution for recording high-quality video and audio presentations and organizing small video conferences (video calls) with one touch – the StudioStation system that works by inserting a USB flash drive and pressing the record button. StudioStation solutions are ideal for flipped classroom recordings, lecture capture, product presentations, board meetings, rehearsal spaces, deposition recordings, moot courts, or any other application where recording is desired. The included camera is to be installed above the screen, display, on a separate stand or any other location.

These are just a few of the videoconferencing cameras we offer. Contact our specialists to learn more!

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