Document cameras

With ELMO document cameras, the smallest details are turned into a learning experience.

Document cameras are unique devices that have a very wide range of applications and can be used both in the business environment and in educational institutions. This is a great tool for working face-to-face and remotely, sharing content online or with the recordings provided by the device itself - without purchasing additional software.

The main purpose of document cameras is to transmit text and images on the screen. How it works: An image placed under the lens of a document camera is transmitted either to a computer monitor or to a projected image on a projector. Previous generation cameras allowed you to save an image for reuse from a computer or SD memory card. The latest camera models allow you to record video with sound in addition to images, they can also be connected to a microscope. Images created with ELMO can be saved on a computer, USB reader or SD memory card. Wireless remote control included.

ELMO document cameras have several applications:

  • Various visual materials (books, workbooks, assignments, various documents, etc.) can be presented to the audience in person and remotely, providing high visibility
  • You can explore and examine the finest details by enlarging them thanks to a high-quality optical camera, and the device's flexible body allows you to display objects from different sides and viewing angles.
  • You can take photos and save different materials
  • You can film and save materials, as well as share them on different platforms or send them by e-mail
  • Thanks to the easily adjustable and adaptable housing of the device, it is possible to display and record not only the objects next to the document camera, but also the surrounding environment, and to do so from different angles
  • You can film a speaker, for example, record meetings, training, webinars, and more
  • Experiments can be performed (chemistry, biology, medicine, etc.), ensuring ideal visibility even for large audiences
  • Once a demonstration material has been recorded, it can be used countless times, for example, teaching materials can be digitized at school
  • Can be used in sports lessons or competitions, recording results
  • Can be connected to a microscope

Benefits of using a document camera:

  • Great visualization tool for online feed (camera + live feed platform)
  • Recording function that allows you to prepare materials for remote use
  • The portable document cameras are small and easy to fold / unfold, for example, the MX-P, MX-1 can be put in a pocket or handbag
  • Very easy to adjust - each part of the body can be rotated individually so that the camera can focus on the desired subject
  • Portable models can be removed from the stand and, thanks to the magnetic sheet, can be attached to surfaces for easier use
  • The document camera has built-in lighting that allows it to be used even in the dark, without the need for additional lighting
  • Easy to administer, also using a computer
  • Few buttons that allow you to learn the functions of the device in the shortest possible time
  • The optical lens delivers high-quality images, and the auto-focus
  • Easy to connect with other devices such as computer, screen, microscope function captures perfect focus
  • Can be controlled with a remote

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