Equipment control

Technology users have the ability to control and manage multiple devices in one location using equipment control panels, touch-screen or button, without having to switch on and manage each device individually. Solutions including products offered by our partners ensure full control over audiovisual systems.

Equipment control tools are designed to replace remote controls in classroom or other larger rooms. Management, monitoring and control of audiovisual equipment – at company level! Whatever the industry, the aim is to provide reliable high-quality audiovisual systems that are easy to integrate, install and use. Product reliability is another way to simplify the process: see that each time products work like the first time. The control equipment can be hidden, i.e., all control of work and equipment can take place backstage or even in another room. Products get continuous service, warranty, and can be used for a long time without maintenance. Equipment management solutions guarantee safe and reliable operation – everything can be organised in a timely and high-quality manner.

Products from our partners help organisations to address security problems, starting with the Pro series for control processors, the central part of the audiovisual control system. These secure high performance control processors enhance the capabilities, functions of the control system and provide the entire control ecosystem, which is already constructively safe. Control processors with a special port may have additional functions, distinguishing existing audiovisual devices from the rest of the network. This protects the devices from interference or disturbances from the outside.

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

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