Projection technologies are real visualisation masters: they can demonstrate a professional video, a digital slideshow, a presentation with graphics, tables and animation – display any video information for collective viewing. You can convert your house or apartment into a movie room with real widescreen movie on a big screen.

Modern projectors use multiple image generation technologies, the most common of which are two: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Digital Light Processing (DLP). Each of them has a series of advantages: LCD projectors are characterised by big flow of light, saturation of image colours, and extensive access to external sources; DLP projectors are distinguished by high image contrast, natural colour transmission, and non-connection of beams does not cause distortion. DLP technology allows to create particularly light projector models for mobile use.

Today, there is an appropriate projector for each life situation: portable projectors, large venue projectors, professional cinema projectors.

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