Signal transmission

For equipment users to share the same information among their devices that are not close the solution is to use signal transmission technologies. Depending on the distance between the equipment, an appropriate solution is provided using different cables or a computer network.

We use the technologies produced by our partners Extron and AMX for signal transmission solutions: they connect, convert and distribute audiovisual signals and ensure full control over audiovisual systems. Technology plays a key role in creating efficient information presentation systems for a variety of environments – from classrooms, sharing spaces and university lecture halls to simulation equipment and large-scale entertainment facilities.

When technology is closer to signal transmission, HDMI or HDBT cables can be used, an optical HDMI cable is used for longer distances, while for distances greater than 10 kilometres we offer AV/IP

(AV over IP) solution – information amount the equipment concerned is sent via the local computer network. Equipment such as signal processor and signal distributor is used for a successful signal transmission solution. Both audio signals and video signals have their own processing and distribution specifics. Our specialists will help by recommending the best solutions for signal transmission for the customer’s needs.

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

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