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Our solutions and accomplished projects in the cultural industry are particularly important. Equipment of cultural palaces, museums, sightseeing, cultural and historical sites with audiovisual technologies is challenging, because we need to combine the historical with the modern. Ages run through here proving successful interaction between modern technology and proven values.

Diverse and professional sound, lighting, music and video technology supply for add up to any cultural event and will attract visitors to sightseeing objects. We will take care of the most appropriate solution so that enjoying of culture creates pleasant feelings for visitors and daily users.

  • Cultural palaces and centres

    Out of the range of audiovisual technology we choose products and solutions suitable for the size, complexity of the room and customer's wishes to create the best experience for visitors, artists, organisers and employees.

  • Cultural and historical sites

    We implement unique projects, which bring together the history and the modern, arouse strong empathy in visitors. Audiovisual solutions help to perceive a historical story more successfully, feel it more completely, and remember longer.

  • Museums and sightseeing sites

    We provide high-quality audiovisual solutions which enrich the exposition, deliver information to visitors in a friendly way and make the visit to the museum and other sightseeing site more exciting, allowing to get new experience.

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We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

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