To inspire, extend opportunities and make the learning process exciting

We offer to education institutions technological solutions enabling to use innovative learning techniques, extend opportunities of the education process, promote perception and learning of the material, as well attract and hold attention of the audience.

We provide education institutions of all levels and types of education – preschool general, special, vocational, higher, non-formal, interest – customised approach in the development of each project. By respecting the specifics of the education institution and the level of education and by finding the most appropriate audiovisual solutions, we help to turn classrooms, audiences, common-use and leisure rooms into multi-functional areas that meet today's changing environmental and technological expectations of students.

  • Preschool education

    It is important to create an environment where children feel safe and cosy – a pleasant, comfortable, healthy, arousing curiosity. By emphasising the importance of movements, at preschool age we emphasise the advantage of using ergonomic furniture.

  • General education

    We provide audiovisual solutions and ergonomic furniture for the environment, where students want to be, a school, where they go with joy and where, with support of teachers, they become creative, responsible, erudite personalities.

  • Higher education

    By improving the possibilities of cooperation between the lector and the student, audiovisual technologies help to successfully teach and study and ensure a completely new interactive ecosystem in all study programmes, strengthen competitiveness of graduates.

  • Interest education

    From a wide range of audiovisual technology we will find products and solutions to perfectly add up to the experience of teachers and students ensuring fulfilment of individual educational needs and wishes in an interactive and safe way.

  • Training centres

    Professional improvement and further education are based on variable needs to get knowledge, skills, experience for upskilling or reskilling. Our audiovisual solutions are adapted to these changes.

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We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

If you don’t find in our offer the solution or products you need, apply for an individual consultation.