Digital signage

Today, digital advertising is one of the most common types of advertising you see at every turn in public places: in public transport, airports, shops, hotels, stadiums, corporate buildings and elsewhere. The purpose of this advertising is to regularly inform and remind you of a specific brand, product or service to increase performance and return on investment. Digital advertising reduces costs and time, attracts the target audience more effectively and improves communication with it, and information is easily updated, so the message is released more quickly and effectively.

Digital signage solutions use technologies like professional displays, screens, projection and wireless collaboration tools, mounts. The content is controlled through a computer network and the internet.

NovoDS playback tool is one of the most efficient solutions for digital signage. It is a network-based solution for creating visual displays that includes text, audio, video, photos, and web content, and is fully adaptable to different environments. Using the NovoDS cloud computing function, responsible people can easily manage a playlist, context, set up devices, create user accounts, and perform other functions from anywhere.

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