Equipment control

Audiovisual solutions are most often complex and consist of several devises that need to be controlled at the same time. Easy equipment control ensures control of the user over the product.

Equipment control tools enable you to connect and control multiple equipment at the same time from one device. This significantly reduces time consumption and other resources and allows devices to be prepared and used effectively. The most important factor in using this solution is that one person is able to manage all equipment without being in the same room.

An example of this solution is our customer Park Inn by Radisson Hotel: the large hotel room was equipped with sound and visual information display solutions. However, it is possible to turn it into up to three smaller spaces, and use the equipment control device to manage equipment configuration in three spaces, where all equipment in the large hall is automatically divided into zones or smaller spaces. You do not need a control panel for actions like switching on a projector, lowering the projection screen, or performing other functions – you can do that remotely from one device.

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