Ergonomic environment

A safe and convenient environment for education and work is essential for every pupil or employee. The whole body is needed to make the head work. Ergonomic environment – this means a customised office or class chair, a computer at the right angle, sound insulation, convenient access to accessories, limiting the impact of harmful substances. A comfortable and safe environment for pupils means different classrooms tailored to specific needs, surrounding premises supporting and contributing to health, conditions contributing to physical and mental development. Spontaneous, automatic and casual movements have a significant impact on our health, body motor functions and well-being. For employees, a comfortable environment means fewer health problems, despite sedentary work, and more productive work, while for the employer the development of the company and loyal employees.

Ergonomic solutions use ergonomic furniture – not only tables and chairs designed for human body, movement and well-being, but also convenient and secure cabinets, benches, shelves, sofas, boards, stands, sound-insulating furniture, etc. An ergonomic environment is not only a classroom or office where people work, but also hallways, canteen, recreational area or any other room.

Ergonomic solutions also use interactive technologies. The Cabinet of Ministers regulations regarding hygiene requirements in educational institutions provide that in classes the distance between the whiteboard and the last row of benches may not be greater than 10 m. In order to comply with this and in order to allow those sitting in larger spaces on last benches to fully capture the information and follow what is happening, the option is to install back-up screens. In addition, interactive whiteboards, short throw and ultra short throw projectors are offered to protect users from being blinded by the light of projectors.

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