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Interactive solutions – for an environment promoting modern thinking and development. Interactive solutions are a great way to improve communication with the audience. By introducing them, every user expands ICT skills knowledge, facilitates work, enhances presentation, improves the perception of information and creates a more modern, development-friendly environment.

Interactive solutions not only use classical technologies, interactive whiteboards, screens and displays; solutions like interactive floor, kiosk, table, wall, sandbox and so on become increasingly more popular. Technology developments also develop opportunities, for example, interactive floor is an excellent solution for activities for children, so that they can not only play but also perform different tasks in the learning process; interactive sandboxes can be used both in sandbox therapy and in learning, for example, to learn geography.

Interactive displays or whiteboards increase the level of engagement and excitement, attract attention and promote the wish to communicate, act. Interactive whiteboards are widely used in schools, interactive displays – in schools and increasingly in companies and public institutions. The use of an interactive whiteboard instead of a standard projection solution prevents the projector beam from shining directly in the eyes (this is also specified in the CM Regulations on hygiene requirements in educational institutions).

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