Projection is one of the most popular solutions in schools, businesses, hotels, cinemas, conference rooms, shops and even home. You need a projector and a projection screen to install projection solutions, and you need to understand which projector is best suited to the location, customer expectations, and conditions to select the most appropriate projection solution. Various projection screens are available.

Multimedia projectors are suitable for small rooms, such as small conference halls, assembly halls, small cultural palaces, small offices: they provide high brightness and can run for many hours using high-efficiency long-use bulbs.

Short throw or ultra short throw projectors are suitable for educational establishments, where one of the most important conditions is the five-year warranty for projectors: they are usually mounted on the ceiling. An interactive solution, a whiteboard or display, is often introduced instead of a projection solution. Short throw or ultra short throw projectors are perfectly fit for the education sector: they protect pupils and teachers from the projection light shining in their eyes (this is specified in the CM regulations on hygiene requirements in educational institutions).

Large venue projectors are more efficient in large halls, large assembly halls, atriums, cultural palaces, and a suitable lens is chosen to position the projector at the distance and in the place the customer wants. They have a high lightness that provides a high-quality projection image from a long distance.

Less familiar, but equally professional, is a projection solution for home – a home cinema. Special home cinema projectors show movies with great resolution, deep colours, and even 2D or 3D entertainment can be enjoyed. They are ideal for authentic cinematic experience in the living room or in a special home cinema.

Professional digital cinema projectors are also one of the options for projection solutions: exciting, vivid, true 4K images are projected to the audience on a movie screen of any size. Our easy-to-control 4K projection systems work reliably, their maintenance is simple and, when you choose a long-acting laser or lamp light source, they have low operating costs.

Full enjoyment of effects of the solution also requires a surface where to display the projection, or a projection screen. Depending on the size of the room, possibilities and customer wishes, projection screens may be motorised, mechanical or portable. They can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, suspended, mounted on a stand, use portable or fixes solutions.

One of examples of projection solutions: two projection screens were installed in the assembly hall of the Valmiera Secondary School No.5 – a screen for presentations in front of the stage and a big screen at the back of the stage, as well as a large venue projector. The solution installed allowed to use one projector projecting, depending on the need, on one or the other projection screen.

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