Public address systems

Sound and public address systems are needed in places where large groups of people need to be addressed. It is a system that, installed in a single building, ensures the distribution of music and (or) informative messages in all rooms at the same time or by zones. Such address system is used in supermarkets to play music, information, including alarm messages. Schools are equipped with period bell, notification, voice announcement and other systems. It is possible to set up the system for internal address in different spaces within one building as well as in other buildings and even cities. Address systems broadcast background music and speech, including pre-recorded advertising or information messages, and messages spoken directly into the microphone.

Public address solutions use technologies such as speakers, amplifiers, audio signal switching, signal sources, microphones, equipment management technologies, etc.

One of the examples: we have installed a public address solution in Riga Special Primary Boarding School No.2, where a three-level period bell system was installed in the building – standard period bells and recess bells, 30-minute period bells and bells in the kindergarten, thereby dividing and separating bell periods in the corresponding premises. You will find out more about address solutions by contacting our specialists.

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