Concert, conference, training, or a big Friday party – qualitative and right sound is important for the event to be successful and truly felt. During events with a large number of listeners, such as conferences, cultural gatherings, school events, university lectures, it is essential that everyone hears information regardless of their location in the room, while it is important for the speaker to know that the audience hears and understands everything. At concerts, too, each of us wants to enjoy music and art. For productive communication, it is important to choose the best equipment and to set it up correctly.

Sound solutions using technologies like loudspeakers, microphones, control panels, sound amplifiers are useful for this purpose. Portable speakers and other technologies are also available and provide steady and high-quality sound.

One of examples: installed sound solutions in the premises of the Daugavpils Russian Secondary School-Lyceum, where speakers in line arrays, digital sound mixers, microphones, sound amplifiers were installed.

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