Traditional presentation

For meetings and team work to be effective and comprehensible, visual means are necessary to record ideas, make notes, create plans, for brainstorming, highlighting of the main idea or something else. Whiteboards, flipcharts and other aids are excellent assistants.

These solutions can be used not only for presentations, but also for informing certain target audiences, such as offers of the day in cafes, information for office employees, etc.

Traditional presentation solutions use different types of products: from multi-functional whiteboards to markers, wiping accessories, magnets, pins and so on. Floor display systems are ideal for use in hotels and banks, and can also serve as a practical room divider in offices – you can arrange an office workplaces or public spaces in offices within a few moments. Individual components – double-sided boards, stands, bases and coupling sets – can be quickly combined in a variety of combinations, setting a variable height.

Anyone may face a situation, when during a spontaneous or scheduled meeting you have no whiteboard or other surfaces to write down ideas or agreements. A perfect solution to avoid this is an electrostatic film Magic-Chart. Magic-Chart provides an instant writing surface, as the electrostatic film sticks easily to almost any surface – wood, concrete, glass, wallpaper. No adhesive is required and Magic-Chart does not leave any marks. But if you want an unlimited space for notes, drawings, or the ability to place your whiteboard in your preferred way, the Space-Up whiteboard by Legamaster is an excellent solution.

These are just a few of the great solutions for traditional presentation. Contact our specialists to learn more.

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