Video recording and streaming

If a presentation, meeting, or conference is to be provided or transmitted to a several people, not all of whom have been able come in person, video recording and (or) streaming is an effective solution. It facilitates and enhances the presentation process and archives information. With video recording, you can view the presentation as many times as you want, digitally present it to others, or simply archive it to make it available again in the future. This also saves time: the presentation does not need to be organised again, the speaker does not have to repeat what has been said, and all listeners receive the same information. The recording can be used successfully in the learning process for pupils, students, employees or personally – for own interest and growth.

If a presentation, meeting, or other event is designed for a large number of viewers, video streaming is an effective solution. The event can be watched not only by the people who are present, but also by those who are far away, simply by using their digital device.

The technologies required for this solution are cameras, a video streaming processor, a video recording system, a video encoder. A multi-purpose video encoder and a video recording system will provide streaming, recording, and live switching all in one. The solution also has combining features, such as splitting screens into two parts, picture-in-picture, connecting additional sources, etc.

To ease the video recording and streaming process, available cameras have a variety of special functions, such as a tracking function – the camera follows the speaker’s movements to keep him or her in the frame all the time. This gives the speaker confidence that he or she will be in the frame wherever he or she is, and saves resources, because no one has to keep an eye on the position of the camera.

When streaming video, two types of computer network protocols are typically used: RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) or RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol). The difference between these protocols is in streaming: on an internal network – directly to the end user (RTSP) – or through someone else’s network or via the Internet – Facebook, YouTube or other platforms (RTMP).

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