Visitor management system

Smooth, stylish, efficient and user-friendly: EntrySign makes visitor sign-in faster and more convenient than ever. Time consuming paper-based signing in books is now a thing of the past. The visitor management system saves resources – reduces costs and time needed to operate.

EntrySign records the attendance of staff, visitors and contractors; in educational establishments it also records pupil and student movements. The easy-to-use Back Office Suite allows you to monitor who is in the building at all times, look-up historical information, generate detailed reports and activate an instant evacuation roll call in seconds. Self-service operation makes the sign-in process quick and easy and reduces the administrative burden on your reception staff.

With EntrySign you can clearly inform your visitors of policies and procedures of your company or institution, including in relation to the GDPR policy and, if required, request consent. Data retention settings can be configured to erase visitor data in line with your policies, and a GDPR strict mode allows data to be deleted automatically when they sign out if required.

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