We are working remotely, but no less efficiently!

Following the global and national spread of the COVID-19 virus, we, Certes.lv, also take the current situation seriously. Following the recommendations of the state, we want to protect both our employees, customers, and partners, so we’ve updated our internal guidelines and taken certain safety measures to limit the spread of the infection.

We are doing our best, so that the cooperation with our customers does not suffer because of this, but we had to make some decisions that affect the work of our customers, partners and ourselves. Till April 14 we have agreed on following:

  •       to work from home, where possible;
  •       calls to office phone number and e-mails sent to the info inbox are received and handled as usual;
  •       to communicate with customers, partners and colleagues remotely (video conferences, video calls, G Suite communication platforms and Microsoft Team);
  •       to stop rental of AV equipment and stop processing rent applications to provide compliance with hygiene requirements;
  •       to continue the warehouse work and acceptance of goods, keeping a distance of 2 meters between the employee and the supplier, using disinfectants, gloves and other protective equipment;
  •       when customer agrees and when possible – to continue work on ongoing installation projects, keeping a distance of 2 meters, using disinfectants, gloves and other protective equipment in addition to already used personal protective equipment and tools;
  •       to organize training remotely, using video recordings that will be available in YouTube channel or sent to customers we had an agreement on providing the training.

Despite these decisions we will continue our work to provide the best audio-visual, security and ergonomic solutions. The rental of equipment will be resumed in accordance with changes in the situation in the country. To receive information about our other services, please contact your sales manager, call our office number, or write to our info email address.

We invite everyone to follow the prescribed hygiene requirements, special precautions and be responsible towards themselves, their loved ones and other members of society.

For more information, please call or write to our email address:

  •  +371 67615096
  • info@certes.lv
  • https://www.certes.lv/en/contacts/

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

If you don’t find in our offer the solution or products you need, apply for an individual consultation.