Mounts for computer monitors

All Vogel’s monitor mounts allow you to set the display in any position, tilt and rotate it. Vogel’s has suitable mounts for every monitor, according to the customer’s situation, possibilities and needs. We offer type types of mounts: wall and desk mounts.

Wall mounts will fit the best in public spaces. They will be easy to use for customers, and employees may feel safe about the monitor. The installation of a display on the wall plate, using mounting strips, automatically fixes the connection to the device. The display remains safe and is protected against unauthorised removal while is easily removable for repair and maintenance.

If you provide your computer monitor with the Vogel’s monitor mounts, you will save not only room on the desk, but can also adjust the monitor position to suit everyone’s needs. The monitor mounts have a special movable lever that occupies a minimum space on the desk. Each monitor mount has three cable channels to house wires easily. You can turn the monitor mount in any direction, allowing colleagues to view the screen or turn the display away from the sun. Contact us for more information!

We are working to understand your needs and complement them with our knowledge and experience creating customised and effective solutions.

If you don’t find in our offer the solution or products you need, apply for an individual consultation.